Infrastructure. Alignment. Expertise.

Achieving Recovery Alpha through infrastructure, alignment and expertise.

We provide a complete end-to-end solution for all consumer debt asset receivables for your recovery management cycle off a single operating platform. We manage a national footprint of agency FTE’s directly so you don’t have to. Your only point of contact will be the members of Team Pallino. We have designed our IT architecture so we can plug and play with just about any format or third party specs. In the past our clients have included global investment banks, medical providers, Telecommunication, fintech, hedge funds, debt buyers and large public companies.

We can operate as an extension of your internal process and manage your entire business cycle of recovery management. In other cases we can manage individual portfolios in either a champion/challenger format or as a sole provider of those services. Since we do not purchase debt for our own account or have any positions in any of our network partners our interests are always aligned with yours.

The Pallino Differences