Pallino Asset Management LLC (“Pallino”) was formed as an independent management firm in 2008 to address the growing complexity of managing for others large portfolios of charged off receivables.

Originally established in 2004 as a debt buyer with a $150.00mm funding line the Company purchased and managed over $8.0 billion of nonperforming consumer receivables and outsourced the recovery process to a national network of agency partners. Sensing an opportunity in infrastructure outsourcing in 2008 Pallino made significant investments in its platform converting from a debt buyer to a BPO Master Servicer specializing in all aspects of revenue cycle management.

In a short period of time the Company has grown its portfolio of managed assets for others to over $12.0+ billion notional across all vintages managed  through our national footprint of agency partners. Today we are one of the industry’s largest providers of outsourced revenue cycle management processes.

Operating Philosophy

Four words: “Your goals, our execution.”

We operate as an extension of your internal corporate goals and objectives.  We understand the business of accounts receivable management so we speak your language fluently. We know what you expect not only from the recovery process but also in terms of protecting the integrity of your brand, governance and professionalism in all aspects of our operation. All members of Team Pallino have extensive corporate experience accumulated through previous work history. Pallino does not buy debt nor does the company collect debt. We are a manager of recovery services for others. As such our interests are always aligned with our clients. We don’t assess our clients any additional fees beyond our commission structure. If we do not execute and perform we do not succeed.

Strategies and Focus

We seek to develop long term relationships with medica providers, utilities, telecommunication companies credit issuers, public and private management teams and lending institutions as a value-added partner in the recovery vertical.

Pallino has two areas of focus: 

Management of the entire revenue cycle management (Business Processing Outsourcing)

Management of particular portfolios (Portfolio Outsourcing and Champion/Challenger Strategies)