With a flexible operating platform that is built on Agnostic Technology, client centric focus and an experienced team, Pallino offers an efficient and customized solution to revenue cycle management.  

Experienced Team

Team Pallino is comprised of a group of professionals with over 150 years of combined relevant industry experience.
Pallino was formed in 2008 in a conversion process from a large, national debt buyer to a BPO provider of charged off recovery services. The team has deep backgrounds in all aspects of the recovery process and have previously worked for MBNA, Bank of America, GE, Citi Group, JP Morgan Chase, Wall Street investment banks and other established leading industry market participants.

Reliable Partner

Pallino has built robust, long-lasting relationships with management teams that operate in the account receivables recovery process.
We bring a collaborative approach to our process and focus on providing flexible alternatives, straightforward discussions, an efficient diligence process and reliable execution. When we know something, you know something. No surprises.

Efficient, Flexible Investment Process

We believe that timeliness and reliability are key attributes for any relationship.
Our small group of decision makers enables an efficient investment and underwriting process. With the benefit of institutional knowledge gained over almost a decade of working together, the team can act quickly and thoughtfully to new opportunities. We bring a fresh perspective and take a flexible approach to developing customized recovery solutions.

National Footprint

Pallino’s agency partners are located throughout the United States. We have an established selection criteria template we apply to our vetting and on-boarding selection process.
Pallino manages a network of over 250 FTE’s across numerous operating platforms. However, the client only transacts with us. From the client’s perspective their only point of contact are the members of Team Pallino.  Pallino administers all client reporting, media requests, onsite and remote audits, compliance oversite, account boarding, recalls, and placements, remittances and can efficiently move your portfolio through the entire recovery cycle. No more recall, place, recall, place, recall….

Operating Platform

Our proprietary agnostic IT architecture is an Oracle based system designed for size and speed.
We have engineered our operating system to be technically agnostic. We can plug and play with virtually any operating platform. We can download 1.0 million account records and have them placed with our network within 24 hours. Because of our plug and play design Pallino can execute recovery services contracts with any agency regardless of size. This translates into a competitive advantage in the recovery process because we can board quality agencies regardless of their infrastructure limitations.

Placement Criteria

First and foremost, Pallino is a BPO Master Servicer for the account receivables industry. We are not a debt buyer or a recovery agency. We are your partner.


Provide a long term solution to the problem of agency management in the account receivables vertical.

Notional Placement Size:

Varies according to vintage and asset type, but generally our platform was designed for large volumes and consistent placements. While we have done single file one-off placements they tend to be in the $100.0 – $150.0 million per month range.

Investment Focus:

Our network partners provide product expertise across the entire asset spectrum. However, we have developed an industry expertise around medical, telecom and utility paper of all vintages.

We prefer negotiated transactions rather than broadly syndicated deals.